Transpire Fleece L/Sleeve Top

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Unisex style, ideal for all water/land sports.
Available with or without front vent zip.

Transpire Fleece L/Sleeve Top

Unisex style, ideal for all water/land sports.
Available with or without front vent zip.

Sport, Work, Leisure - Reed Chillcheater thermals out-perform all others
Reed Transpire fleece garments are designed to be worn as a baselayer next to the skin and will out-perform all others, even in extreme climates, on expedition, in sport or for leisure.

Ultra warm - Ultra comfortable - Ultra dry & wicking

  • The fastest moisture-wicking fleece fabric available -
  • keeping you warm when it’s cold and dry if you get too warm
  • High warmth to weight ratio & advanced yarn technology
  • Super stretchy for exceptional comfort & fit
  • Soft brushed fleece worn against the skin
  • Smooth slip knit outer surface helps make dressing easier
  • Ideal as a baselayer or as part of a thermal layering system
  • Scotchguard & antibacterial-coated yarns maximise wicking properties & maintain freshness

Transpire fleeces should be worn skin tight (fabric in contact with the skin at all points to maximise sweat wicking potential).

See the complete garment range for top to toe warmth – hats, tops, trousers & socks.

Customer Reviews

Incredible 12 Years On 28/11/2021


I’ve had this base layer since August 2009 and it’s still incredible. Best base layer on the market.
This thing has kept my toasty on the coldest days. You’ll not be disappointed. I’ve come back to buy a another one and one for the wife.

Base layer for diving 14/10/2021


One of the best base layers on the market for diving in Scotland, super wicking keeping any moisture away from skin,the divebunker is a cold place as you can imagine come November its on with the top until March keeping the chill away ,mine is probably 10 year old and still going 5 star indeed

One of the best thermals you can get; and its good value and made in Britain. 20/01/2021


There are some really good thermals out there these days, and the Transpire fleece is one of them. But if you're looking for one made in Britain and good value this is easily the best that I have found.

I mainly use mine sea kayaking, as that's mainly what I do, and I use it day in and day out. I also use it for sea kayak expeditions where I carry a set for in the boat and another for on the land.

In fact it is its versatility that I like the most. If I'm not kayaking then I might be biking, running or climbing and if it's not too hot I will have it on.

Does it all! 12/01/2020


Used for paddling, skiing and walking. Ticks every box, had to buy my wife one to stop mine disappearing!! Also have short sleeve version. Amazing value for money too!!

Amazing durable piece of kit 27/11/2018


I have used this fleece in extreme environments. Wore it day in day out for 50 days whilst at sea. It dried quickly, did not smell and was washed twice in 50 days. Kept me warm, when wet, it dried whilst being worn. If you want a piece of kit that can last, keeps you warm, dries quickly in an extreme environment. I could not think of a better garment. Compared with other makes, this was the best and although being worn whilst rowing I got no sores anywhere during an ocean rowing crossing from NY to Falmouth.

Very comfortable. 14/02/2018


After owning a few fleece paddling tops, I decide to try the Reed one.
It's definitely the best fit, definitely warm and even if it does get wet (which it will if you don't wear a cag over the top!), it still keeps you warm.
A must-have for paddling all year round.

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