Spray Decks

We can supply decks for most boat makes and models. Reed offer a range of both Aquatherm and Neoprene Spray Decks.

If you are unsure or need any advice or assistance please call +44 (0) 1271 815828


There is an additional charge for custom, made to measure decks.

Please complete our Reed Measurement form located on our website and draw around the outer edge of the cockpit and mail the template to us to ensure we get your cockpit size correct.

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Aquatherm Sea Sock - for Skin on Frame & Folding Kayaks



Ideal with skin on frame & folding kayaks

Keeps you warm & dry and the inside of your kayak free from dirt & debris.

Made from durable, waterproof, Aquatherm, the Reed Chillcheater sea sock has taped seams

Adds safety – in the event of a wet exit the amount of water entering the boat is limited as the sea sock remains inside the kayak.

Can be used in a hard shell kayak too especially where bulkheads are not watertight.

Adds insulation for coldwater paddling.

Protects the kayak frame & skin from grit and water – the sand & dirt stays in the sock not your kayak.

After use simply remove the sea sock & wash (by hand or in the machine at 40º)

The "sock" is inserted into the cockpit opening and is secured to the cockpit coaming. The paddler sits inside the sock and fits the spray skirt over the coaming as usual. See the Nortik Navigator on the left.

Material: Aquatherm
Size: Made to fit your kayak cockpit dimensions

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Cockpit Cover

Code: CC


Made from Aquatherm. A lightweight,waterproof, durable, cockpit cover.

Product Details
Long lasting cover to keep out the elements and any passing bugs when storing or transporting your boat.

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Neoprene Sea Deck+Latex Under



Fitting Keyhole, Sea Kayaks. Yamamoto super-soft, 4mm dive quality, neoprene sea deck.

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Neoprene Deck+Dry Lip P4

Code: NSDP4


Neoprene Deck.  British manufactured using the highest quality 4mm Chloroprene rubber (superior quality neoprene). A playboating deck. FITTING: KEYHOLE P4. Slightly larger than the P3 deck we stock.

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Neoprene Deck+Dry Lip P3

Code: NSDP3


A playboating deck. FITTING: KEYHOLE P3. British manufactured using the highest quality 4mm Chloroprene rubber (superior quality neoprene).

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Neoprene K1 Deck+Latex Top

Code: NSDK1


Fitting low volume sea kayaks,  K1, polo and slalom boats. Yamamoto super-soft, 4mm dive quality, neoprene deck.

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Greenland Style Akullisaq

Code: SD+G


A contemporary version of the traditional summer kayaking spray skirt. Used by Greenland kayakers on calm seas.

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Aquatherm Marathon/Sprint Deck

Code: SD-A


This is an Aquatherm deck with zip option suitable for Marathon or Sprint Disciplines. One size adjustable waist.
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Aquatherm Elite Marathon/Sprint Deck - White

Code: SD-A-M-W


The Lightness and flexibility of Aquatherm Elite fabric facilitates a great paddling technique, making trunk rotation easy for optimum power transfer. The Elite is particularly thin so is geared more for the competitor, for example, they were used in the last Olympic Games.
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Aquatherm Spray Deck + Braces

Code: SD+B


A lightweight revolutionary design. Ideal for slalom, sea kayaking, polo, touring and recreational use. Elasticated braces.

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