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HMS classic pear shape screwgate carabiner. The pear shape is engineered to take load over a much greater area of the karabiner. This makes it much more versatile than other types of karabiner as it can safely take more than one rope and a variety of knots and hitches. Ideal for belays, rescue rigging multipoints & water rescue applications.​This is an extra large karabiner which has a wider thicker top bar which allows for better running of ropes. It's main purpose is to belay using an Italian Hitch or Muenter Hitch. The large size also allows for multiple ropes to connect or two clove hitches to tie onto the bar. If a paddler is only gong to have a few karabiners then take HMS Pear shaped screwgates. Will fit with the green Whetman Equipment Krab Stick Snag free wide opening Keyhole gate Length 116mm Width 71mm Load main axis 25KN Weight 85g​Made in the UK HMS - where does this name come from? The Clove hitch is called "Mastwurf" in German which means "a throw around the mast" (from the old usage of the hitch in shipping). The Munter hitch is called "Halbmastwurf" which means "a half clove hitch" - the same as an Italian Htch These carabiners are designed for belaying with the Halbmastwurf-Sicherung (munter hitch securing) and so they are called HMS Carabiners.