Black Aquatherm

We make a top to toe range of garments in our black Aquatherm®. All of these items have been used extensively in film and TV productions.

Aquatherm® fabric has been developed to enable actors and stunt crew to remain warm and dry, in a whole range of conditions. It is a lightweight fabric that offers great freedom of movement, far more so than with traditional, bulkier neoprene and woven garments.

"It is essential that the garment is working with the actor, unlike earlier neoprene fabrics, where the actor is more often working against the garment. Our nude Aquatherm is less than a millimetre thick and remains stable, flexible, strong and waterproof when fully flexed. Unlike neoprene, it has the added advantage of being watershedding and fast drying, so less temperature is lost from the wet outer shell through evaporation.'

Chris Reed

Aquatherm Fabric


Outer Surface: Waterproof, Fast drying, UV protecting, Water shedding, Matt Black & Breathable!

Inner Surface: Soft feel, Fast Drying, Polyester Stretch Knit, Antifungally treated, Non latex (for allergy sufferers).

Other user benefits: Aquatherm is thin and lightweight making it extremely comfortable and flexible to wear. It also has the advantage that it packs up small for travelling. Machine washable too!