Pertex Windcheater Jacket

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A featherweight windcheater jacket offering outstanding strength to weight ratio.
100% Nylon 6.6 Fabric. 80 gms total weight with sack.

Pertex Windcheater Jacket

A featherweight windcheater jacket offering outstanding strength to weight ratio.
100% Nylon 6.6 Fabric. 80 gms total weight with sack.

Packs up to the size of a small apple.
Stuff sack attached to jacket inner. Half zip front. Lightweight elasticated binding on cuff and hem. Drop back styling.

Excellent durability in the field, with a softness like silk. Fast wicking, fast drying and shower resistant.

Customer Reviews

What did I do without it? 28/03/2019


I ummed and ahed for 2 years about getting one, originally to put over other waterproofs to stop the fabric getting filthy and wetting out under packpack straps.

When I saw they only had 3 left (no longer the case), the rule of scarcity finally jolted me into action and I can only say I wish I had bought this earlier.

I now wear it almost daily. I used to wrap up to walk to work and at some point I'd end up sweating heaps half way. Now I leave with just a t-shirt (Brynje mesh or merino) or long-sleeve top over that if it's really cold, with the Reed jacket over these.

It cuts the chill enough that I don't freeze and when I have warmed up I don't bake. No doubt my colleagues appreciate my more arid state when I arrive.

It's also great on the bike for the very same reasons, even if it does flap like a crow having a panic attack. I'm not racing, so no matter - just happy to arrive somewhere neither freezing or boiling.

Looking forward to it being tested in slightly more demanding circumstances in the near future...

Amazing jacket ... better customer service! 06/11/2018


This jacket is perfect! If you are on the fence, get off it and get one! The jacket is perfect for wind and rain protection and it is light enough to carry in a backpack (I travel for work and it stays in my work backpack permanently) or even pants or shorts pocket in a pinch. On top of that, Reed's customer service is INCREDIBLE! I made a mistake on my order, emailed customer service, and they fixed the problem the same day!

I'd give it more stars if more were available.

Chillcheater Pertex Windcheater Jacket 22/10/2018


My only review is that if Bear Grylls carries this jacket every where well that’s good enough for me.

Small and efective 10/08/2017


I have had this for a year now. Not used to much, but it is very often with me in my pack. Often on mountain hikes I use a wool sweater or just the Reed transpire base layer shirt, when taking a break I just put this windcheater jacket on. It is perfect! It even breath to some extend. And it does cover me in a short rain shower.
It does what it say, but could have been a little cheaper.

Top notch! 06/07/2016


I love my Reed Pertex Windcheater!
Light weight, low volume and give me the shelter I need on a windy day on the mountain top.

Top notch. Simple as that.

Best from Senja
Frode Wiggen

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