Thigh-length Waterproof Socks in Aquatherm or Aquatherm Fleece

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Available in Black Aquatherm or Navy Blue Aquatherm Fleece.

Best suited to launching, rowing or any time you need to wade in high water. Can be pulled up when wading out with the boat and slouched down for a comfortable extra layer whilst in the boat.

A unique design. Longer in the leg than our popular Aquatherm sock and Wading sock. Lightweight, tough, flexible, waterproof socks.

Over-the-knee length socks that can be worn on their own, with extra base layers or underneath watersports boots, wellies or sandals.

Thigh-length Waterproof Socks in Aquatherm or Aquatherm Fleece

  • Fully taped external seams.
  • Let the Aquatherm take the rub and save your skin!

Colour: Black Aquatherm or Blue Aquatherm Fleece.

Aquatherm® fabric has been developed to enable wearers to remain warm and dry for sport or leisure, in a whole range of conditions. It is a lightweight fabric that offers great freedom of movement, far more so than with traditional, bulkier neoprene and woven garments.

It is essential that the garment is working with the athlete, unlike earlier neoprene fabrics, where the athlete is more often working against the garment. Aquatherm remains stable, flexible, strong and waterproof when fully flexed. Unlike neoprene, it has the added advantage of being watershedding and fast drying, so less temperature is lost from the wet outer shell through evaporation.

Customer Reviews

Must have equipment for crossing cold rivers 14/08/2019


A dam lahko na googlu tak review za stumfke?

We needed waterproof socks mid tight length for crossing very cold glacial rivers in Iceland while bikepacking. We did bikepacking across Iceland in highlands and had to cross rivers more than 40 times. I ordered this socks online, because I’m from Slovenia and this socks were amazing! We wear this socks with sports sandals. Once water was so high that was just 2 cm below the top of the socks. And I stayed dry. I can’t imagine crossing rivers without this socks. It’s must have equipment. Highly recommend!

We also got hats for wearing under the helmet and we wore them even for sleeping. Also great!
(Here is my blog with evidence ????

Perfect -- But not for unintended purpose. 07/04/2019


We wore these as wading socks on a trek of Patagonia. There were 40 or so river crossings of cold glacial runoff. We paired the soles with "Cheap water-shoes" to achieve a perfect ultralight, keep you feet from getting wet or frozen numb.


Brilliant 03/04/2019


These make winter rowing so much better.

Awesome! 24/03/2018


I wear these for launching a boat and they have saved my toes this winter. Much safer in a boat than wellies and easy to push down if you’re rowing hard and warming up. I love them

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