Greenland Gauntlets (Small)

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Due to popular demand we can now offer a smaller size Greenland Gauntlet for people with smaller hands.

Made to the same great quality these gauntlets provide hand and forearm coverage to keep you warm and dry. Fleece layers can be worn underneath.

Greenland Gauntlets (Small)

Sizing: Small Designed for use in extremely cold conditions. Made from Aquatherm and Superstretch Aquatherm fabrics Can be used with fleece gloves. Full length arm and shock cord closure at the top of bicep. Grouped fingers for warmth. High visibility reflective print. NOTE: This is a long glove for using with fleece glove layers underneath. Aquatherm® fabric has been developed to enable wearers to remain warm and dry for sport or leisure, in a whole range of conditions. It is a lightweight fabric that offers great freedom of movement, far more so than with traditional, bulkier neoprene and woven garments. It is essential that the garment is working with the athlete, unlike earlier neoprene fabrics, where the athlete is more often working against the garment. Aquatherm is less than a millimetre thick and remains stable, flexible, strong and waterproof when fully flexed. Unlike neoprene, it has the added advantage of being watershedding and fast drying, so less temperature is lost from the wet outer shell through evaporation.
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