Head Gear

Heat retaining lightweight head gear for protecting your head, lower face and neck. Less than 1mm thick, ideal for use under a helmet.

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Transpire Fleece Hood

Code: FH


A warm super stretchy, thermal hood - excellent heat retainer (preventing heat loss through the head) before, during & after activities.
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Transpire Fleece Beanie

Code: FB


Ultra warm - Ultra comfortable - Ultra dry & wicking
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Aquatherm Fleece Hood

Code: AH


Warmer than  regular Aquatherm, this hood with its 3mm brushed fleece lining offers even more warmth for folks working or playing in colder conditions. Beat the 'ice cream headache' and 'surfer’s ear'!

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White Aquatherm Eskimo Hood

Code: EH


Made from our Elite White Aquatherm.

This hood uses our "Eskimo Tears Closure System" for the best fit

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Aquatherm Fleece Skull Cap and Strap

Code: ASK+S


Thermal lightweight skullcap with a soft, warm, fleece inner and comfortable chin strap.
Product Details
This non bulky skull cap fits comfortably under a helmet and covers the ears. Complete with a chin strap, this skull can be worn on its own. Heat retaining and ultra lightweight. A 3mm fleece polyester pile lining raises the fabric away from the body creating an insulating layer of warm air next to the skin. Stretchy, waterproof and durable plyurethane outer surface.

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Skull Cap

Code: SK


  • Thermal lightweight skull cap.
  • Fits comfortably under a helmet and covers the ears.
  • Heat retaining and ultra lightweight.
  • Colour: Black

To find your correct head size 

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Skull Cap with Strap

Code: SK+S


Thermal, lightweight skull cap with comfortable, stretchy Aquatherm chin strap that allows the skull cap to be worn on its own.

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Peaked Skull Cap & Strap

Code: PSK+S


Made from Aquatherm fabric. A Peaked version of our lightweight skull cap with chin strap.

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Aquatherm Peaked Hood

Code: PH


Peaked versions of our lightweight Aquatherm Hood.

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Aquatherm Hood

Code: H


Aquatherm fabric, heat retaining lightweight hood - Beat the 'ice cream headache' and 'surfer’s ear'!

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