About Rockpool ALAW BACH Boats

The resin is “plastic” in the same way as Fibreglass or Polyethylene is.

Extremely durable yes, but not unbreakable.

Quite easily actually. Of course the cosmetic final result depends on the skill of the repairer.

Scratches happen, however since the colour is throughout the material, the scratches can be sanded out and polished to become nearly invisible.

Actually, we don’t know. Eddyline has been manufacturing boats with TCC since 1996 and still hear from some of those customers saying how much they love their boats. Lab testing suggests that resistance to UV degradation is at least on a par with the highest quality marine gel coat and far superior to Polyethylene.

Good question. The answer is quite simple. The cost of the quality and blend of resins used in Rockpool TCC is quite expensive. Of course, they could specify cheaper materials, but if they did that it wouldn’t be a Rockpool.