Reed Fabrics & Systems

Reed Chillcheater™ Ltd have developed a number of fabrics over the last 10 years. *Aquatherm™ and Super Stretch Aquatherm™, two revolutionary new lightweight,and waterproof fabrics which provide insulation from wind and wet and give complete protection from UV rays. *Transpire Fleece, an extremely comfortable fast wicking, fleece worn next to the skin. It has a world beating warmth to weight ratio.

These 3 fabrics are uniquely developed by Reed Chillcheater and are only available under the Reed™ brand.

All of these fabrics form the lightest, thermal technical layers and are ideal for many surface watersports, offering unrestricted freedom of movement.

These items are the approximate equivalent of a 2mm neoprene wetsuit which is ideal for summer use (UK temps), when used on their own.

In the UK winter, these items can be superb booster base layers worn under 3mm neoprene (spring) suits. This combination gives winter warmth with an added flexibility previously unknown in winter wetsuit coverage.

Yes. Tests we have carried out with both top-end athletes, explorers, and recreational sports folk have kept the athletes comfortable and warm whilst wearing cagoule for canoeing and whilst wearing a 3mm wetsuit for surfing.

Yes. A short sleeved top will allow 1.5 pints of vapour to pass through its membrane in 24 hours. Chillcheater™ tops and trousers have a comfortable knit on the inner fabric which makes for a 'dry' feel when worn next to the skin.

Canoeing, kayaking, Surf Lifesaving, Triathlon, Surfing, Swimming (pool & sea), Water Skiing, Sailing, Windsurfing, Diving, Coasteering,Diving, as an Anti-Sting fact any water related activity.

Excellent and UV protecting! From approximately age 18 months upwards. Children's sizes are fitted with zips in the back, so the kids can get them on and off themselves.

For recreational use, a comfortable fit is the generally accepted view. For this, breathe in when taking your measurements. For canoeing, sailing and other surface water sports we advise you to take a slightly larger fitting, for extra movement (the size charts allow for these variations). For competition use, a tight fit is often preferred, and for this, measure your dimensions in a relaxed state. Please call us if you would like specific advice on your size.

The size from the chart that corresponds with the larger measurement.

Yes. Black, and sometimes Royal Blue, please enquire for the Royal Blue.

Turn inside out. Short, warm wash, max 40 degrees in mild soapy water, rinse thoroughly and air dry. Do not spin Do not wring. Do not tumble. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry over radiators or near excessive heat.