Washing and Care Instructions

For Aquatherm®, Superstretch Aquatherm® and Aquatherm Fleece®: Turn garment inside out. Short, warm, delicate wash, max 40 degrees in mild soapy water, (not detergent). Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Do not spin. Do not wring. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry over hot radiators or near excessive heat.

Hang garments from their cuffs and neck to ensure that if there should be any water ingress in the double fabric seals then it can drain easily.

Sometimes the double fabric cuffs, neck & ankle seals make take in small amounts of water during use or when washed. This can be easily remedied when drying the garment by hanging it on the line by its cuffs, neck or ankle seals, thus allowing any water to drain out.

The possible ingress of water into cuffs, neck & ankle seals will not compromise the serviceability of your garment, it is due to taping on the knitted surface on the inside of the garments. The garment itself remains waterproof, keeping you dry and comfortable. We see any small ingress issue as a minor trade-off against the excellent features of a comfortable knitted surface on the inside of Reed garments and non-splitting, non-latex, comfortable double Aquatherm cuffs & seals.

Turn inside out. Short, warm wash, max 40 degrees in mild soapy water. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry or spin. Warm iron. Do not bleach. May be dried over radiators but not on excessive heat. Very low heat tumble dry.