Nortik Folding Kayak - Scubi

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The lightweight, recreational Scubi kayak has a clever combination of inflatable air tubes & folding aluminium frame giving you the ‘cutting’ capacity of a folding kayak with the low weight of an inflatable boat.

Nortik Folding Kayak - Scubi

The scubi family makes the slogan "Easy Paddling: the principle scubi" all the glory! Even the scubi 2 is, as its smaller brother, designed for recreational use and completely versatile. up in no time and ready to make the boat just joy. You can paddle the boat both for couples as well as solo. The scubi 2 also focuses on the development of nortik hybrid technology combines impressively the advantages of inflatable boats with which the folding boats. Easy paddling: the principle scubi - The Hybrid with winner qualities! The scubi 1 Buying tip the kayak magazine and Price Predictor canoeing magazine - what more could you want?

The principle scubi is above all: uncomplicated leisure fun on the water. The combination of proven features of the folding and airboat art produced during scubi a hybrid of the two systems. The reduced to a necessary minimum linkage gives the kayak the necessary rigidity and structure for better handling compared to pure air boats of this size.

On the other hand, the air elements are an essential part of the boat and put the quick and uncomplicated assembly securely. The air hoses have a working pressure of 0.25 bar in use. The outer skin of the scubi is of a robust and tear-resistant PVC material that resident of a in Germany and originates in Europe producing suppliers. Given the underwater hull has an additional installed keel strip, which protects against abrasion. The scubi pursuing various fields of application. Conceived as a recreational boat allows uncomplicated paddling fun on weekends, on holidays or just "in between", if one is looking for a break from the hectic life. At the same time it is an ideal additional boat, which is used for short-evening celebration round or relaxing weekend trips for professional paddlers.

No cumbersome boat transport to the work site, to wear a heavy weight, no lengthy setup. Grab just the compact carrying case (in the complete set with practical rucksack function) and set, for example, in bus or train from the nearest water. Moments later you are already sitting in the boat and get started - easily and with a lot of fun. So the principle works scubi.


What makes the scubi is the interior design, which is reminiscent of the construction of folding boats. However, they are limited to a minimum in order to keep the weight low and the construction time is short. The individual elements, and the sensors for the air hoses are connected together. For the transverse reinforcement provide the four small half-frames. The floor is not made of air elements and allows so much more depth. Unlike traditional air boats, this construction ensures good handling characteristics.

Seats: 1
Length: 320 cm
Width: 75 cm
Weight: 9 kg
Load 110 kg
Assembly time: ~ 10 min.
Pack size: 88x18x37 cm

Pack bag with backpack function
comfort seat
air pump
installed keel strip
D-rings on cover
Repair kit

matt red / black
matt orange / black

The scubi 1 is for persons up to a size of max. 190 cm is recommended.

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