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It's the perfect time of year to get out rolling and here at Reed Chillcheater we have the perfect special offer the get you on the water; Check out our Tuiliq range and kayaks on www.chillcheater.com and give us a call to buy and give us your measurements. Happy paddling!

Our ultra-light, super-warm, waterproof Aquatherm will give you unrestricted movement whilst keeping you dry and comfortable in all conditions.

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Kajak Sport Inuksuk Greenland Paddle



The Kajak-Sport Inuksuk is arguably one of the best West Greenland style paddles available.

• Handcrafted in Finland
• Carbon fiber construction
• A unique combination of the traditional and cutting edge, being made using the latest technology available.
• Quiet and precise in every stroke
• Comfortable to use thanks to the smooth, well-finished seamless edges
• Tough but light core construction with redesigned blade profile, making it more efficient without fibrillation.
• Higher, yet stable traction for maintaining good cruising speed.
• Split construction with 13 cm length adjustment (215 - 228 cm). It should fit all paddlers with different styles of kayaks
• External locking system
• Matt finish gives a stunning finish
• Oval loom provides a very good grip
• Flex is very good, making it extremely comfortable to use
• Weight: 770 g
• Width: 95.00 mm
• Material: Carbon

The paddle is awesome for both rolling and paddling. — Frode Wiggen

REED KING 2-Piece Carbon Fiber Greenland Paddle

Code: GP2


Our Reed KING Greenland paddle is a paddle in the style of those traditionally used by the Inuit of Greenland. It is characterized by long, narrow, tapering blades and a relatively short loom, or shaft, that is typically one-quarter and no more than one-third the length of the paddle. Unlike Inuit paddles across the Davis Strait, the loom is not carved in any way that would interfere with the sliding stroke.

A Greenland kayak paddle is narrow so the hand can grasp the blade near the end without having to grasp the tip, which on a traditional paddle is connected to the blade by a mortise and tenon joint. So the extreme width of a Greenland blade should be no wider than the paddler can grasp between the web of the thumb and the second joint of the forefinger. A paddle that has a blade too wide to grasp is not a Greenland paddle,because it cannot be used like one.

The Greenland paddle has become increasingly popular among sea kayakers in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world. Apart from its romantic association with the people who taught Europeans to kayak and to roll, the narrow-bladed Greenland paddle is popular because it is easy to brace and roll with and is not very susceptible to strong winds. Also, because it slips a little at the beginning of a stroke, it is easier on the muscles, and thus less fatiguing on day-long trips than wide-bladed “Euro”-style paddles. A further benefit for northern kayakers is that the Greenland kayak paddle is adapted for paddling in freezing conditions.The shoulders where the blades and loom meet make an ice-coated loom easier to grip, while the narrow ends of the blades, which are immersed in water while paddling, offer an ice-free grip for emergency braces and rolls.

The distinct surface on the carbon paddle allows for a firm grip, even when it gets wet. The paddle offers a high-friction surface just like a wooden paddle, yet feels smooth and, as such, protects against blisters on the hands.The joint is a hexagonal carbon fitting secured with a simple snap lock

Paddle Bag for 2 Piece Euro Blade

Code: PB-EURO-2


Paddle Bag for 2 Piece Euro Blade.
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Paddle Bag for 1 Piece Euro Blade.

Code: PB-EURO-1


Paddle Bag for 1 Piece Euro Blade.
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Paddle Bag for 2 Piece Greenland Blade.

Code: PB-GREEN-2


Paddle Bag for 2 Piece Greenland Blade.
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Paddle Bag for 1 Piece Greenland Blade.

Code: PB-GREEN-1


Paddle Bag for 1 Piece Greenland Blade.
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Kayak Uprights (for X bars)

Code: KU


A pair of kayak uprights developed by Karitek. The uprights have a clear plastic cover over them to protect the boat. Choose a fitting kit for either standard cross bars or aero bars.
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Aquatherm Sea Sock - for Skin on Frame & Folding Kayaks



Ideal with skin on frame & folding kayaks

Keeps you warm & dry and the inside of your kayak free from dirt & debris.

Made from durable, waterproof, Aquatherm, the Reed Chillcheater sea sock has taped seams

Adds safety – in the event of a wet exit the amount of water entering the boat is limited as the sea sock remains inside the kayak.

Can be used in a hard shell kayak too especially where bulkheads are not watertight.

Adds insulation for coldwater paddling.

Protects the kayak frame & skin from grit and water – the sand & dirt stays in the sock not your kayak.

After use simply remove the sea sock & wash (by hand or in the machine at 40º)

The "sock" is inserted into the cockpit opening and is secured to the cockpit coaming. The paddler sits inside the sock and fits the spray skirt over the coaming as usual. See the Nortik Navigator on the left.

Material: Aquatherm
Size: Made to fit your kayak cockpit dimensions

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Paddle Port Carousel

Code: PPC


An innovative paddle storage solution

No more tripping over paddles!

Keep your paddles organised, tidy and in good condition with the brilliant Paddle Port Carousel.

The attractive design is fully machined in wood & easy to assemble.

A great storage solution for all makes & styles of paddles.

Ideal for the recreational paddling family, clubs or for a shop display unit.

Overall stand height 2m, holds up to 18 paddles.

*Note: Center upright is NOT included.
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Multi Striped Knitted Kayak Sock



This Knitted Sock provides great protection from surface damage to your kayak or ocean racing ski. **Please Note: The blue, yellow and red design is no longer available, only the two other shown colours.**
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