KeelEazy Keel Strip

Introducing KeelEazy self adhesive keel protection in 30m rolls

This peel and stick material is lighter and stronger than traditional fiberglass tape with gel coat. It can be applied to any composite or Thermoformed kayak, Jet Ski, dingy, etc... It takes just minutes to install and removes easily with a heat gun. It can be applied full length.

Now available in 7 colours

KeelEazy 50mm (2 inch) Sold by the metre.

Code: KE

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Keel Eazy Armour

Code: KE-A

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Keel Eazy 100mm (4 inch) Sold by the Metre

Code: KE-4

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KeelEazy Keel Protection Kit 50mm wide (2

Code: KE-2-KIT6

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KeelEazy 50mm (2 inch) Sold by the 30m roll.


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KeelEazy 100mm ( 4 inch) Sold by the 30m roll.

Code: KE-4-ROLL

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Code: HE

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KeelEazy Canoe Skid Plate

Code: KE-SP

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