Reed Chillcheater - Bespoke manufacturing for niche activities


Here at Reed Chillcheater we offer bespoke manufacturing services, creating tailor made equipment to your requirements, be it unusual sizes or unusual products, if you have the idea and the measurements, we will make it!

The reason we can offer such services is because our headquarters and factory are based in the same building! Customer services, product design, marketing, manufacturing, cutting, stitching, glueing, printing, packaging and posting - all happens in the same place, allowing us to easily tailor make products to your requirements at a rapid turnaround.

Check out the videos below, to have a look around our factory and to see an example of the kind of tailor made products we can provide. If you have any ideas for tailor made products or unusual sizes, give us a call and we'll do our best to make your ideas come to life!