Greenland Rolling Clinic & Skill Training hosted by Dirk & Rachel


Greenland kayaking weekend in the beautiful Lee Bay North Devon.

In association with Reed Chillcheater we will offer a weekend of kayaking skill development, focusing on traditional Greenland techniques with the option of transferring these techniques to Euro blade paddling.

We enjoy rolling kayaks in different ways and conditions, Greenland rolling is based on intuitive basic principles bringing together the kayak the body and most importantly the water. We first teach these basic principles then step by step bring together the techniques needed for consistent and efficient rolling that does not rely on muscle strength.

For this weekend there will be a focus on Greenland rolling techniques, but we also offer a general confidence building environment suited both to those new to Greenland kayaking and those wanting to work on perfecting a specific roll or paddling stroke.

Sessions will run between 9:00-16:00 with a lunch break, each session will offer working on rolling and stroke techniques.

From our experience Greenland paddles are the best tool to learn rolling, but the rolling techniques are easily transferable to Euro blade paddles. Everyone should be dressed for being in the water for quite some time therefore we recommended a dry suit or a winter wet suit (rolling and standing in the water helping others). People need to be keen on learning to roll, if they already have a roll they want to improve then that is perfect but not necessary. We also recommend a neoprene hood and nose clip, Reed Chillcheater Greenland rolling kit will be available to demo and buy over the weekend.

Other products available on request, please get in touch before the event to have your products delivered on the day.

September 22nd 23rd Lee Bay North Devon
Greenland Demo boats
Greenland Demo kit
Camping on location £10.00 per person per night
Greenland workshop £30.00 per person per day

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