Interview: Aidan Brackenbury Sponsored Paddler


Hey Aidan, how are you, where are you and what are you up to?
Im very good thanks, I am currently living in Westward Ho! in North Devon and can see the surf from my window! Recently I haven’t been surfing as much as I would like because of conditions! But outside of surfing I've been working my job as a pipe fitter in a local shipyard, and me and my girlfriend have just bought our first house together.

Looks like you have had a really busy year travelling and competing, could you give us a quick low-down of where you have been and how you have got on?

Yeah last year we had a few good surf trips the main comp being the World championships in Galicia, Northern Spain. That was a great event, Me my Dad and brother travelled out for two weeks to compete and free surf. I wasn't happy with my final result of 5th because I wanted to make the final! but we had some great free surfs and got some good photos. The best surf trip we went on was a trip to Morocco just before Christmas, we had perfect conditions all week and the breaks were surprisingly quiet. We got some great shots of perfect left handers with me doing my best to look good on them!

Where have you found the best waves this year? 
The best waves this year for me have to be when we went to Morocco, Its not often you get to surf Boilers at 4 foot with no one else in the water! It was the most enjoyable as well because there was no pressure to perform unlike competitions, I can just relax and enjoy surf kayaking for what its meant to be, a way of having fun!

Where and when did you start kayak surfing and who inspires you? 

 I started surf kayaking when I was 12. I used to compete in snowboarding when I was younger but I messed my arm/shoulder up by falling over one time, to get the strength back in to my arm afterwards my dad introduced me to kayaking and it just went on from there, since he is a very good kayak coach he taught me how to surf kayak and here we are today. The person who inspires me is my dad for sure, he always gets me pumped for a surf and still comes in to surf or takes pics!
What's the outlook for your year ahead? Do you have any trips or competitions planned and what goals do you have?

This year might be a bit quieter in terms of surfing, My job means I might have to work in plymouth for a while. Ive mentioned me and my girlfriend have bought a project house that will require a lot of attention and she is also pregnant so my main focus is going to be on babies and houses this year! obviously I will get in for surfs and hopefully get some pics maybe try and get a trip up to Scotland again!

Here at Reed we're always keen to hear the feedback and opinions of athletes. What Reed kit do you use and what do you like about it? Do you have you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements or modifications we might make?

The kit I use in an aquatherm fleece as a base layer which is amazing, I've never needed to wear anything other than an aquatherm fleece and a thermal kagdeck, even in Scotland at 3º! I use a variety of Reed Cag Decks ranging from Short-Sleeve non thermal with Neoprene Deck to Long-Sleeve thermal. They are great, they keep you warm with a minimal amount of material so it doesn't restrict any movement! I also use aquatherm trousers if its really cold!

Great to catch up with you Aidan. Good luck with everything in your year ahead and, as always, we look forward to seeing your amazing photos and clips of you in the water!

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