The Avataq is the latest addition to our Greenland paddling gear.


Our modern version of the Inuit sealskin hunting float has a natural organic shape for a more traditional look and feel. Made using 14 layer polyester sandwiched butyl with rubber hand-taped seams, it is completely waterproof, soft and flexible with a warm fabric feel. The webbing straps with grab loops mean its easy to handle and they offer a number of different hold positions. Inflation and deflation is via a simple yet sturdy manual twist valve and minimal detailing, clean lines and low branding help to keep the Avataq as traditional as possible whilst maintaining modern function. When practising your Greenland rolling the Avataq can be used as a stabiliser or self-righting aid; due to its buoyancy it is a great tool for training the initial stages of rolling or hand rolling as it allows you to roll slowly whilst focusing on body movement. The Reed Avataq adds to our existing range of Greenland paddling gear: tuiliqs, tuiliq paddlesuit, akulisaq, Greenland gauntlets and wading socks. The original Inuit Avataq came in many different shapes and sizes and was a very important hunting and safety device. Some had two inflatable chambers so you could balance your paddle on the float with a chamber on each side so the Avataq didn't roll over. Hunters varied the amount of air in the Avataq according to the size of the prey and knew from experience how much air was needed to ensure the harpoon line didn't break due (too much air) or that the prey could dive further making it harder to catch the prey after harpooning (too little air).

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