Transpire Baselayers - What's the idea?


Transpire Fleece Baselayers

Here at Reed Chillcheater, we strive to provide comfort in demanding environments. One of the best methods to achieve this is to have a thermal layering system for activties in cold environments. The first and arguably most important layer in your thermal layering system is, of course, the baselayer!


Baselayers are important not only to keep you warm, but also to wick moisture away from the skin and move it to the next layer. If you are exercising in a cool or cold environment, you will get warm and sweat. If this sweat stays against your skin when you stop exercising, you will soon get uncomfortably cold. Wicking baselayers are designed to pull this moisture away from the skin, helping you to keep warm when you stop sweating. Check out this video below to see Chris Reed explain how this works with our Transpire Fleece fabric.


 Athletes use these Transpire Baselayers to all sorts of activities. Their stretchy qualities allow them to hug your shape, not only helping it to wick but also to keep you warm. The thick fleecy material is also extremely warm and comfortable. From the summit of Everest, to the Fjords of Norway, from winter rivers and canoe slalom courses in the UK to the Southern Alps of New Zealand, our Transpire Fleece Baselayers keep athletes warm, dry and comfortable in demanding environments.