Trak Kayak


Trak is Lightweight and Portable - it goes into it's airline friendly case in 10 mins or less. The airline friendly (and car boot friendly) case is included.

TRAK has a patented, hydraulic technology which allows it to instantly shift shape from straight speed to easy turning and everything in between for maximum control and performance.

"The T-1600 is designed to combine adaptability, portability, durability and performance into a single kayak. We introduced a hydraulic system inside the cockpit enabling the shape of the hull along the entire keel to be optimised for changing water and conditions from rivers and lake to oceans. The keel can be lengthened with the hydraulics from the cockpit varying between no rocker and up to 5 inches for easy turning. The gunwales can be lengthened or shortened independantly to arc the boat on the lateral plane, to trim for crosswinds and to eliminate the need for a rudder. The design requirements mandated having a fast and intuitive assembly process. The cockpit has a padded rigid adjustable seat system and adjustable thigh braces. The flat rib profile offers maximum internal capacity and the aft deck sliding system provides easy access to storage. The T-1600 is a multiday, medium-volume touring boat. It comes equipped with a wheeled travel pack and a custom neoprene spray skirt for watertight access to the hydraulic system." -The TRAK Kayaks Design Team.