Zac Allin Interview - Junior GB Canoe Slalom Athlete


1) Hey Zac, where abouts are you now and what are you up to?

Hey, I'm currently living in Nottingham getting ready for the second half of the season! I will be moving down to Lee Valley for University to train on the Olympic course in October!

2) How old are you?

I'm 18 Years old, 19 in April 2017.

3) Where and when did you start Canoe Slalom?

I've been Canoeing all my life really! Both my parents were recreational paddlers who had done some slalom and white water racing in the past so they got me into it! I would say I started slalom properly at around 10 paddling at Tees Barrage and on the River Tyne!

4) As I understand you were picked for the Junior GB team in 2013 and went to the Junior European championships last year. Could you give us a quick lowdown on the events you have been to?

Yes, I have been part of the British Junior team since 2013 racing at the Junior worlds and Europeans each year. These have been all over the world in Brazil, Australia, Macedonia being just a few. I made my first World championship final in 2014 at the age of 15.

5) Which other paddlers inspire you?

I would say either Etienne Stott or Campbell Walsh, Both have delt with their fair share of setbacks and injuries and have managed to come back stronger from them winning Olympic gold and silver.

6) What other events or trips are you looking forward to? Do you have any goals for the near future?

Well every race is something to look forward to! But I would say selection next year being a major one! I hope to make the U23 team and maybe even the Senior team next year and finish this season ranked top 5 in Britain.

7) What advice do you have for anyone looking to get involved in canoe slalom?

I would say just find a club and give it a go, no regrets!

8) Here at Reed we're always working closely with athletes to get valuable feedback. What equipment do you use and what do you like about it? Is there any improvements you might suggest?

I'm currently using the Aquatherm Topdecks, they are really warm, dry and comfortable. Only improvement I can think of is putting the seams on the inside so they look even better! Thanks, Zac

Thanks a lot Zac, good luck with selection next year, we're looking forward to watching you progress - Reed

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