Aquatherm Full Paddle Suit with Adjustable Waist Seal

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Aquatherm Full Paddlesuit with Adjustable Double Waist Seal

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Ideal for recreational paddling and particularly well suited to Sea Kayaking & Touring.

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Aquatherm Full Paddle Suit with Adjustable Waist Seal

Ideal for recreational paddling and particularly well suited to Sea Kayaking & Touring. Lightweight, comfortable, roomy paddlesuit which keeps you warm and dry all year round in all weather & conditions.

Made to measure using our unique Aquatherm Fabric and Super Stretch Aquatherm fabric; the cut & fabric ensures maximum freedom of movement for paddling with enough volume to get extra thermal layers underneath for colder conditions.

  • Aquatherm - Fully waterproof, thermal, full-stretch, polyurethane fabric
  • Tough, flexible & robust (outer 20 times more abrasion resistant than neoprene)
  • Soft, comfortable knit surface next to the skin
  • Three different access zip options.(Braces are NOT fitted to Paddlesuits with front diagonal zips unless asked for)
  • All seals are non-latex, soft and comfortable, tough, water repellent and split resistant
  • External seams stitched and taped for strength and water-tightness
  • Double layer seat and knee/shin patches for added durability in high wear areas
  • Built-in Aquatherm socks come as standard
  • Optional fully dry and flexible relief zip - additional £25.49
  • Optional snap on/ off hood with wire peak and hood volume adjusters - additional £18.70

Available in Yellow/ Black, Royal Blue/Black, Black

Customer Reviews

Brilliant Quality Product 26/04/2021


Brilliant product
I bought this suit as an alternative to a two-piece paddle suit made from recycled yarns from a leading manufacturer, which I felt did its intended function, but with an incredibly annoying downside of sounding like a packet of crisps.
The Reed paddle suit was purchased on the back of buying a spraydeck from them which impressed me and is extremely high quality. Based on this experience, I took the decision to purchase the suit.
I have very quickly come to realise that I should have done this sooner as the quality of the suit is simply superb in every way with the tailored fit being perfect, further encompassing a distinct lack of that annoying rustle of your favourite potato snack wrapping.
I used it for the first time at the weekend and have to say this is my go-to suit now, being a joy to wear and own. I was a bit apprehensive at first as it was a quite a warm day and looks a warm garment, but I am incredibly pleased to say it has exceeded my expectations in every possible way.
Couple the quality of product and the tailored service, delivered in an amazingly fast turn-around you simply cannot go wrong.

Reed paddlesuits 26/03/2019


My wife and I have had Reeds paddlesuits for about 2 years. We have found them very durable and comfortable.
The seams are welded and 100% waterproof.

I have for many years dived with neoprene Dry suits. These have always had neoprene neck and cuff seals.
Latex seals used by others have a habit of failing at the most inopportune times.

The paddlesuits cuff seals seem to be the best of both worlds

I have found that the neck seal is “Adequate” for paddling, but not 100% watertight when rolling.
I also have a Reeds Tuiliq, which I prefer to my spraydeck. I suppose it’s overkill, but it is so comfortable.
The suits came with “Socks” as seems to be very much the norm in paddling gear.
The alternative ankle cuff as used by other manufacturers was never going to be something that I would want.
I recently had the hard soled boots fitted to both of our suits and I absolutely love them.
It’s hard to explain, but they are really warm when in the water launching the kayak.
An additional bonus is that my feet now slide easily into and out of the boots, making donning the suit a breeze.
They are just so comfortable. Mine are a little on the large side and have room to move my feet, but it gives a cosy feel.
I’m not sure why these are not a standard fixture. I suppose the small additional cost may be an issue, but well worth it.
A very happy customer

Bob Hamilton Liverpool

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