Polar Bears Products

High Quality Custom Fit Made-to-Measure Diving Drysuits and high performance, technical undersuits plus all accessories.

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Ankle Socks with Fur Pile

Code: AS1


Ankle Socks made from Thinsulate with a lovely fur lining.
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3M Thinsulate Undersuit

Code: PB


* Extra warmth from Black fleece lining laminated to 3M Thinsulate insulation
*Nylon outer for hard wearing environments
* 2 front pockets - can be worn on its own without dive suit.

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Polar Bear Glove



This glove can be attached to your suit using the Polar Bears Cuff-Ring System. Very quick and easy fitting.
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Pro Talc



McNett Pro-Talc. Dry lubricant for all drysuit seals. 100grms.
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Seal Saver



Protects and conditions drysuit seals, "o" rings and rubber products. Regular application preserves and maintains latex and Neoprene seals. Inhibites oxidation and deterioration and provides a protective, high gloss finish. Directions for Use: Clean and dry seals. Apply a small amount of the Seal Saver to the inside and outside of the seal with a clean cloth. Wipe of any excess and buff to a shine. Avoid contact with drysuit fabric.
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Regular use of beeswax on the outer elements of the drysuit zip will help reduce the risk of it jamming and extends the life considerably. If everyone followed this advice it would be bad for our repair business. Please feel free to ignore !
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Zip Care Lubricant



Universal cleaner and lubricant for drysuit zips. Biodegradable. Silicone free. Brush applicator bottle containing 60ml (2 fl.oz.)
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Aquabond 2pt Adhesive



Two part adhesive in 250ml tin plus 10ml bottle of accelerator. Ideal for drysuit repairs such as neck and wrist seal replacements, patching, inflatable boat repairs, and for use on rubber and hypalon fabrics. Sufficient quantity in 1 pack for a Neck Seal & one pair of Wrist Seals OR a couple of Pockets.
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Aquaseal 28g Tube



McNett Aquaseal. Flexible sealant and emergency repair adhesive in 28grm tube. Ideal for most watersport uses and for your travelling repair kit.
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Heavy Duty Style Bellows Style Neck Seal



Bellows Type heavy duty neck seal.
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