Reed Chillcheater work closely with the rescue services. We are happy to be able to supply items that are suitable for more serious work or play.

Manchette/Commercial Long Cone Style Wrist Seal



These latex Manchettes are made to be glued onto a dry suit. With the right treatment and storage these latex seals will last for years.
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Wrist Seals. Trimmable



Trimmable latex wrist seals.
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Wrist Seals. Latex



Required 2 part adhesive for fitting Sold in pairs Available in the standard \'bottle\' seal or trimmable with the same guide rings as neck seals. Size guide: Small = 17 - 17.75cm Standard = 17.75 + Trimmable = 16.5cm + The seal should feel snug but comfortable. If you experience any tingling in your hands, you need a bigger size. Note on Pronounced Wrist Tendons Some people have a tendon in the wrist that when flexed causes a \'groove\' or indentation that will allow water to channel up past the seals. If you experience this (and there\'s a limit to how much your undersuit sleeve can absorb !) try wearing the seal higher up, past the tendon. Or swap your existing seal for the commerical Manchette type which has a longer seal area. Keep all latex seals out of direct sunlight and any sources of ozone eg car fumes. Wash in clean water after use and dry before storing. Regular application of Seal Saver™ preserves and maintains latex and neoprene seals while inhibiting oxidation and deterioration.
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Q-Change Cuffs Heavy Duty



These heavy duty cuff seals are for use with the Polar Bears Cuff-Ring System.Fitted in minutes and lasts and lasts.
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Cuff Protectors



Cuff-Protectors for the Polar Bear Quick-Change Cuff-Ring System© and Polar Grip Dry Gloves. One Size Supplied in pairs
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O Rings O Rings



Retaining O Rings for the Polar Bear Quick-Change Cuff-Ring System© and Polar Grip Dry Gloves. One Size Supplied in pairs
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Q-Change Cuff Seals



These are made to be used with the Polar Bears Cuff-Ring System. Easy to fit and comfortable.
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Polar Bears Cuff Ring System

Code: CRS


Polar Bears Cuff Ring System

Sold by the pair.
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3M Thinsulate Undersuit

Code: PB


* Extra warmth from Black fleece lining laminated to 3M Thinsulate insulation
*Nylon outer for hard wearing environments
* 2 front pockets - can be worn on its own without dive suit.

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