Sea Kayaking

AquaFleece Cag+Aquatherm Deck



Aquatherm Fleece Long Sleeve Dry Cag with Aquatherm Deck.  (Illustration shows optional bale hole and map loops).  A warm, outer layer for cold weather paddling, Body made from Aquatherm Fleece fabric with Superstretch Aquatherm fabric cuff and neck. Enough volume to get extra thermal layers (Reed Transpire fleece) underneath for even colder conditions. All seals are non-latex, thermal, comfortable, tough and split resistant.  Seams stitched and taped for durability and water-tightness.

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Webbed Paddle Gloves

Code: WPG


Lightweight and flexible gloves for hand paddling.

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Pre-Bent Long Trousers

Code: PBLT


Made from Aquatherm fabric. The only trousers constructed with pre-bent seat and waist areas. This design helps take the fabric  strain off the upper legs and across the stomach when in a paddling position making for very comfortable paddling pants.

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Coverall Cag Deck Warmer

Code: CCDW


One size fits all.

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Aquatherm Sea Sock - for Skin on Frame & Folding Kayaks



Ideal with skin on frame & folding kayaks

Keeps you warm & dry and the inside of your kayak free from dirt & debris.

Made from durable, waterproof, Aquatherm, the Reed Chillcheater sea sock has taped seams

Adds safety – in the event of a wet exit the amount of water entering the boat is limited as the sea sock remains inside the kayak.

Can be used in a hard shell kayak too especially where bulkheads are not watertight.

Adds insulation for coldwater paddling.

Protects the kayak frame & skin from grit and water – the sand & dirt stays in the sock not your kayak.

After use simply remove the sea sock & wash (by hand or in the machine at 40º)

The "sock" is inserted into the cockpit opening and is secured to the cockpit coaming. The paddler sits inside the sock and fits the spray skirt over the coaming as usual. See the Nortik Navigator on the left.

Material: Aquatherm
Size: Made to fit your kayak cockpit dimensions

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Open Palm Webbed Paddle Mitt

Code: OPWM


A unique design in stretchy, waterproof Aquatherm offering optimum paddle grip control and chill protection.

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Aquatherm L/Sleeve Dry Cag

Code: DCLS


Our most popular cag. The lightest thermal technical outer layer for all season paddling, offering unrestricted freedom of movement. Made from Aquatherm Fabric and Super Stretch Aquatherm Fabric.

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Aquatherm Fleece PB Trousers



Aquatherm Fleece Pre-Bent Trousers are waterproof, 3mm fleece-lined, lightweight and shaped for kayaking.
Product Details
Made from our latest Aquatherm Fleece fabric. These shaped long trousers are designed to keep you even warmer. Developed as a slightly heavier, more thermal version of our Aquatherm fabric pre-bent long trousers, for use in colder conditions. The trousers are constructed with pre-bent seat and waist. Fit best when sat of kneeling for paddling. Maximum stretch direction across the front and up the back panels ensures a snug fit during movement.

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Aquatherm Fleece L/S Dry Cag



Our  Aquatherm Fleece Cag. There is 3mm of cosy, soft polyester fleece on the inside of this cag to keep you superbly warm!
Product Details
A technical, thermal, outer layer for very cold weather paddling, This new lightweight, warm, and dry cag offers unrestricted freedom of movement. Full stretch, abrasion resistant, waterproof and windproof Aquafleece body outer. Enough volume to get extra thermal layers (Reed Transpire fleece) underneath for extremely cold conditions. Soft fleecy inner next to your skin. Superstretch Aquatherm fabric single, water-tight neck and wrist seals. All seals are non-latex, thermal, comfortable, tough and split resistant. Adjustable twin waist seal. All external seams stitched and taped for durability and water-tightness.

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Aquatherm Spray Deck with Adjustable Waist

Code: SD+A


Our Aquatherm Spray Decks are perfect for all round use. Easy to wear and are quick drying. Lightweight and portable to take anywhere.
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