Aquatherm Standard Shorts

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Complements the ChillCheater top to form a versatile two piece wetsuit.

Aquatherm Standard Shorts

Complements the ChillCheater top to form a versatile two piece wetsuit.

  • External waterproof taping to strengthen all seams, seat and gusset areas.
  • Tops & shorts meet with a 15cm overlap area at the waist/lower back area

Aquatherm® fabric has been developed to enable wearers to remain warm and dry for sport or leisure, in a whole range of conditions. It is a lightweight fabric that offers great freedom of movement, far more so than with traditional, bulkier neoprene and woven garments.

It is essential that the garment is working with the athlete, unlike earlier neoprene fabrics, where the athlete is more often working against the garment. Aquatherm is less than a millimetre thick and remains stable, flexible, strong and waterproof when fully flexed. Unlike neoprene, it has the added advantage of being watershedding and fast drying, so less temperature is lost from the wet outer shell through evaporation.

Customer Reviews

Excellent! warm & just really good kit!!! 05/05/2019


This is the most versitle peice of equipment that i have ever bought - I have worked as a professional outdoor practitioner / instructor for the past 39 years - i am replacing my shorts after 19 years - they have been used for warm as an under layer for caving , whitewater kayaking, canoeing, gorgewalking, Gill scrambling, coasteering, bog running in fact any watersports or cold water activity.. Even used with the top to clear tangled ropes from prop shaft under the yacht.. Really warm & washable. They take no space and are a brilliant piece of equipment.

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