Unisex shorts. Can be worn comfortably next to the skin, layered to provide extra warmth and dryness or in conjunction with other separates.

Aquatherm Standard Shorts

Code: S


Complements the ChillCheater top to form a versatile two piece wetsuit.

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Pre-Bent Shorts

Code: PBS


Aquatherm fabric. These shorts constructed with a pre bent seat and waist.

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Aquatherm Fleece PB Shorts

Code: APBS


Aquatherm Fleece Pre-Bent Shorts  are waterproof, 3mm fleece-lined, lightweight and shaped for kayaking.
Product Details
Made from our latest Aquafleece fabric. These shorts are designed to keep you even warmer. Developed as a slightly heavier, more thermal version of our Aquatherm fabric shorts for use in colder conditions. The shorts are constructed with pre-bent seat and waist. Fit best when sat of kneeling for paddling. Maximum stretch direction across the front and up the back panels ensures a snug fit during movement.

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Aquatherm Shorts - Kid's

Code: KS


Complements the Chill Cheater Tops to form a versatile two piece wetsuit. An ideal all purpose, waterproof, windproof, thermal, water play short. These children's aquatherm tops and shorts give the equivalent warmth of approximately a 2mm neoprene wetsuit.

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