For maximum comfort, warmth and flexibility. Our range of Aquatherm trousers can be teamed up with other Reed Chillcheater garments.

Standard Long Trousers

Code: LT


Aquatherm fabric, thermal, full leg cover trousers for all watersports.

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Storm Trousers

Code: ST-O


These Outdoor Storm Trousers are produced from Aquatherm Fleece with a 4mm fleece pile.
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Pre-Bent Long Trousers

Code: PBLT


Made from Aquatherm fabric. The only trousers constructed with pre-bent seat and waist areas. This design helps take the fabric  strain off the upper legs and across the stomach when in a paddling position making for very comfortable paddling pants.

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Aquatherm PB 3/4 Trousers



Unisex. Designed to be worn either singularly or combined to form a versatile two piece. Constructed with pre-bent seat and waist. High back.

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Aquatherm Fleece PB Trousers



Aquatherm Fleece Pre-Bent Trousers are waterproof, 3mm fleece-lined, lightweight and shaped for kayaking.
Product Details
Made from our latest Aquatherm Fleece fabric. These shaped long trousers are designed to keep you even warmer. Developed as a slightly heavier, more thermal version of our Aquatherm fabric pre-bent long trousers, for use in colder conditions. The trousers are constructed with pre-bent seat and waist. Fit best when sat of kneeling for paddling. Maximum stretch direction across the front and up the back panels ensures a snug fit during movement.

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Aquatherm Fleece PB 3/4 Trousers



Unisex. Three quarter length pant. Fit best when sat or kneeling for paddling. High back. Sumptuous inner fleece for comfort.

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Aquatherm Dry Trousers

Code: DRT


  • Completely windproof, waterproof, fast drying, tough & breathable paddle trousers
  • High waisted and constructed with elasticated shoulder straps.
  • Aquatherm roomy, thermal, lightweight dry trousers with
  • Super stretch Aquatherm ankle seals to keep the wet out.
  • Double fabric layers on seat and knee.
  • Designed for use with the aquatherm and transpire fleece tops and trousers, worn underneath as part of a layering system.
  • Warm and comfortable for sea kayaking and for touring.

Photo shows relief zip option


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