Whetman Equipment

Steve Whetman, founder of Whetman Equipment with a name like that had to get immersed in watersports!!

He has been paddling for over 30 years and gets on the water every week. Adventure kayaker, sponsored by various major paddlesports manufacturers for umpteen years, noted for extreme whitewater solo descents. In Latin America became an experienced raft guide & jungle guide, knotched up many real life threatening river rescues, managed an adventure company.

Worked in paddlesport manufacturing for 15 years. Steve is a qualified Rescue 3 International Swiftwater Rescue Instructor & an accomplished off road motorcycle racer. His paddling these days is mostly at a variety of tide races around the UK & Brittany & on the rivers of Dartmoor.

Steve has recently won the "Coolest gear of the show 2018" at Paddle Expo this year.

Argon S Screwgate Carabiner

Code: ASSC


Small lightweight screwgate carabiner perfect as a connector for water rescue rigging mechanical advantage systems, anchors & belays.
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HMS Paddle Carabiner



This karabiner is designed specifically to clip onto whitewater kayak paddle shafts as part of a river rescue system. The simple wire gate opens very wide to clip directly onto a standard paddle shaft.
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HMS Screwgate Carabiner



HMS classic pear shape screwgate carabiner. The pear shape is engineered to take load over a much greater area of the karabiner. This makes it much more versatile than other types of karabiner as it can safely take more than one rope and a variety of knots and hitches. Ideal for belays, rescue rigging multipoints & water rescue applications.
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Krab Stick Orange

Code: KS-O


The Krab Stick wedges in the gate of a karabiner and converts it to a hook. Once hooked the contact force releases the Krab Stick & the gate will close. It enables extended reach contact with pinned boats, casualties, anchors, wall bolts, lines. The orange Krabstick fits the Whetman Equipment HMS Paddle Karabiner The green Krab Stick fits the Whetman Equipment HMS Screwgate & the DMM HMS Aero Autolock.
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