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The Heavy Duty version of the Quick-change Cuff Seals for the Polar Bear Cuff-Ring System© & Polar Grip Dry Gloves.

No tools or adhesives required for fitting. Available in a range of sizes. Supplied in pairs.

Keep all latex seals out of direct sunlight and any sources of ozone eg car fumes.

Cuff-Ring System : The replacement wrist seals are available in Small, Medium or Large. In the back of your suit will be an information plate and under Cuff Size you should find the size originally fitted. If you can\'t find this information use the following as a guide: Small = 12.5 - 16.50cm Medium = 16.5 - 19.00cm Large = 19.0cm +

Wash in clean water after use and dry before storing.

Regular application of Seal Saver™ preserves and maintains latex and neoprene seals while inhibiting oxidation and deterioration.