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Layering Systems

Reed® use quality fabrics for all their garments, and it is the combinations of these fabrics which gives their products the fantastic warmth and protection needed for the most wet and cold conditions.

Next To The Skin: Transpire Fleece.

A high elastane content, single sided fleece that wicks moisture away from the skin. You stay drier longer.


The Mid Layer: Aquatherm Short Sleeve Top

This super- thermal, water-proof, wind-proof membrane top keeps the base layer and the torso warm and dry.

Layering Systems

The Top Layer: Long Sleeve Cag

This has a unique non latex and split resistant polyurethane, super-stretch neck and cuff seals and a full stretch Aquatherm body. Adjustable double waist seal. An ultra abrasion resistant, water-proof, thermal outer barrier.


Layering ApplicationsOther applications to the layering system

The principle of the layering system is the same for most of the garments we sell using Aquatherm:

Paddle suits with or without skirts Dry Cags, Dry Trousers and Dry Suits Membrane suits Wetsuits


Layering ApplicationsNEW Aquatherm Fleece

The latest fabric from Reed is the Aquatherm Fleece - ideal for use in combination with our dry cag range.



Reed LogoUnique to Reed

Aquatherm, Superstretch Aquatherm, Aquatherm Fleece and Transpire Fleece are unique fabrics developed by Reed ChillCheater and are available under the Reed brand.