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Transpire Fleece

Reed® now supply a top to toe range of Transpire Fleece garments which are the perfect base layer. These fleeces offer instant comfort, warmth and moisture management. They are our best seller and are great for all land and water based sports. Ideal as a base layer or as part of a thermal layering system.

What is Transpire Fleece?

Transpire fleece fabric has an incredibly comfortable, tight brush fleece on the inside and a smooth, slip knit on the outside. The fabric yarns are coated with Scotchguard, a durable, wicking chemical, making the fleeces very fast drying and making these garments warm wet or dry. These fleeces should be worn in contact with the skin at all points to maximise the fabric’s good sweat wicking properties. The yarns are also coated with anti bacterial coating to maintain freshness. These fleeces have a weight to warmth ratio that is class leading.

Transpire FleeceWhat is a Base Layer?

It is the first thing you put on when you are dressing for sport. It should keep you warm when you are cold and keep you dry if you get too warm. It will naturally wick sweat away from your body and move it on to the next layer. A base layer is normally worn under a jacket or jumper. In Europe a base layer is called the next layer of skin. In America it is called the first layer.

What is Wicking?

This refers to technical fabrics that move sweat away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric, where the moisture can evaporate away leaving the wearer feeling dry and comfortable.

Which Fabrics Wick Well?

Even though both wool and cotton are porous, they will absorb and generally ‘hold’ water. Cotton will not wick when it is wet. Once it becomes wet or saturated it tends to stay wet keeping the wearer damp and therefore cool. Wool as a base layer can wick moisture away but only if it is knitted in a certain way - to allow for a densely brushed surface to be next to the skin and a smooth knit outer surface to wick any moisture away.


Aquatherm Elasticated WaistbandAdjusting elasticated waistband

Comfortable, stretchy, adjustable waistband in the fleece pants



Transpire Flat SeamsCover Stitch Seams

On cuffs and edges for extra stretch and strength




Dave Pearce Mount EverestBase Layer on top of the world

Dave Pearce sent us this shot from the slopes of Mount Everest (Dave is Bear Grylls safety director when Bear is filming). Our Transpire Fleece has been up to the top of Everest a number of times now, along with our Pertex Quantum Jackets