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The great outdoors can take its toll on clothing. With normal wear, your Reed® garments should give you some serviceable use. You can also purchase an Aquatherm® repair kit. (Kit 10). For small rip and tears, we can often do repair work to extend the life of your kit. We can sometimes help even on larger repairs. There will be a charge for this service. Please see below.

***Items must be returned clean and dry or there may be a possibility of us returning it to you.***

Our Guarantee

Reed ChillCheater products are guaranteed for one year after purchase. This guarantee only covers manufacturing and material faults during this period.

Additional Faults

For products that are not covered by this guarantee or damaged as a result of misuse or wear and tear, please contact our office to arrange inspection. There may be a charge for inspection and the carriage charge to return your item to you. These are additional to any charges we may make for repairing the item.

While we will perform an inspection here, it may reduce your charges if you can send clear information about the problem and where the leaks or damage may be.

Products We Can Repair

We can repair a wide variety of items. Primarilly Reed Chillcheater Products but also other water protection products including Wetsuits and Drysuits.

 If you have questions regarding the repair of your product please call or email us at

Cost of Repair

Once the item has been inspected we will contact you with a quote for the work to be done. Customers are responsible for the labour costs which become payable when the repair is complete.

Usual cost of basic repairs / replacements on Reed Chillcheater items:
New Wrist Seals - £35.00
New Neck Seal - £35.00
Replacement Socks - £45.00

Please be aware some items may be deemed beyond repair but will still incur the inspection and carriage charge.

If you have questions regarding the repair of your product please call or email us at