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Aquatherm® Full Paddle suit

Ideal for recreational paddling and particularly well suited to Sea Kayaking & Touring. Lightweight, comfortable, roomy paddle suit which keeps you warm and dry all year round in all weather & conditions.

Made to measure using our unique Aquatherm Fabric; the cut & fabric ensures maximum freedom of movement for paddling with enough volume to get extra thermal layers underneath for colder conditions.


  • Aquatherm® - Fully waterproof, thermal, full-stretch, polyurethane fabric
  • Soft, comfortable knit surface next to the skin
  • Two different access zip options.
  • All seals are non-latex, soft and comfortable, tough, water repellent and split resistant
  • External seams stitched and taped for strength and water-tightness
  • Double layer seat and knee/shin patches for added durability in high wear areas
  • Built-in Aquatherm socks come as standard
  • Optional fully dry and flexible relief zip
  • Optional snap on/ off hood with wire peak and hood volume adjusters

Aquatherm® Single Seal Neck and Cuff System

Our neck and cuffs are made from a single layer of Aquatherm, replacing the older double layer version (sometimes shown in the product images).

The New type seals offer a better stretch and seal while maintaining its impressive integrity.

Made from a single layer of Aquatherm the material is inverted for comfort on the wrists.
This gives the cuff seal a good firm degree of stretch and is far hardier than some other wrist seals.

Aquatherm cuffs are to be trimmed by the paddler to ensure a custom fit for your discipline whether comfort, performance or a mix of both is required, instructions supplied.

The necks can also be trimmed if required.

Paddle Suit Sizing

Chest                                           Waist

Small 30-35’’(76-89cm)               Small 20-30’’ (51-76cm)                        

Medium 35-40’’ (89-102cm)        Medium 25-35’’ (63-89cm)

Large 40-45’’ (102-114cm)          Large 30-40’’ (76-102cm)

X-Large 45-50’’ (114-127cm)      X-Large 35-45’’ (89-114cm)

XX-Large 50-55’’ (127-140cm)   XX-Large 40-50’’ (102-127cm)

Hip                                              Neck

Small 31-34’’ (79-86cm)              Small 11-13’’ (30-33cm)

Medium 34-37’’ (86-94cm)          Medium 13-14’’ (33-37cm)

Large 37-40’’ (94-102cm)            Large 14-15’’ (37-40cm)

X-Large 40-44’’ (102-112cm)      X-Large 15-16’’ (40-42cm)

XX-Large 44-48’’ (112-122cm)   XX-Large 16-18’’ (20-21cm)

Wrist/Cuff                                     Height

Small 6-6.5’’ (15-16cm)                  Short 5’-5’.5’’ (152.5-162.5cm)

Medium 6.5-7’’ (16.5-17.75cm)       Mid 5’4’’-5’8’’ (162.5-173cm)

Large 7-7.5 (17.75-19cm)                Long 5’8’’-6’2’’ (173-188cm)

X-Large 7.5-8’’ (19-20.5cm)

XX-Large 8-8.5’’ (20.5-21.5cm

After Care

For Aquatherm® and Aquatherm Fleece®

Recommend hand washing with warm soapy water.

Turn garment inside out. Short, warm, delicate wash, max 40 degrees in mild soapy water, (not detergent). Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Do not spin. Do not wring.

Hang garments from their cuffs and neck to ensure that if there should be any water left then it can drain away easily.

Store clean and dry indoors away from heat and direct sunlight

Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry over hot radiators or near excessive heat.