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Deck Details

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Product Details

Aquatherm® Adjustable Waist Spray Deck

The adjustable waist Aquatherm spray deck is a lightweight revolutionary design. Ideal for slalom, sea kayaking, polo, touring and recreational use. 

It is comfortable, durable and supple, UV stable, waterproof and fast drying. A popular choice for competition disciplines: slalom, polo, surf, sprint / marathon and river racing as well as for sea kayaking / touring and recreational use. 

Adjustable Waist

The Aquatherm adjustable waist tube will allow a much larger range of fitting compared to the fixed waist, ideal if sharing a Spray deck or base-layering varies meaning you will only require the one deck for many options through out the seasons paddling

Ladies benefit from the adjustable decks waist tube as the design allows for curves in the paddler making it much more comfortable yet maintaining the same if not better performance than the fixed waist


S/M up to 36''/91cm,

L/XL up to 42''/107cm

XXL up to 50''/127cm  

Comfortable design waist tube to work in conjunction with Paddle Suit and Cag waist seals to provide extra protection from water encroachment while paddling

Deck Sizes

From Small Ocean decks to Large Keyhole we have it covered (literally)

Custom Cockpit? Nothing looks right? send your cockpit template in and we will use it to make a bespoke deck for you and your kayak. (see image for template requirements),

Extra charges may apply for larger bespoke decks otherwise the price is the same as the fixed or adjustable decks plus added options if selected.

Still not sure? email with your Kayak Make/Model and dimensions we have 1700 templates in our database, we may have it.

 Deck Design


Aquatherm Material

Sewn and taped seams

Elasticated, Adjustable, and locking  Draw Cord to tighten the waist tube around you to keep water out

6mm Heavy-Duty Elastic/s in the deck tube hold the deck on tight over the cockpit rim 

Front mounted Grab-loop securely fitted for ease of use, reliability, and confidence inspiring pull and pop exits 

 Deck Optional Extras


Map-Loops- four D' rings two on either side of the forward deck, allows you to run an elastic cord through to make your own webbing for securing items closer to yourself during a paddle such as maps, drink bottles or other required kit. Very handy on the Keyhole decks where the deck is larger and the reach to the kayak webbing is further away.

Bale-Hole- A dry bag entry to the inner cockpit through a sleeve without removing the Spray Deck, very handy and much safer than removing the deck during paddling. Originally used for bailing out water from the kayak with a bilge pump the Bale-Hole is also useful for putting away or retrieving kit while on the water. the Bale-hole rolls up and is fastened to keep the deck water-tight when not in use. the entry is 38cm circumference allowing even larger hands entry into the cockpit. 

 After Care

 For Aquatherm® and Aquatherm Fleece®

Recommend hand washing with warm soapy water.

Turn garment inside out. Short, warm, delicate wash, max 40 degrees in mild soapy water, (not detergent). Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Do not spin. Do not wring.

Hang garments from their cuffs and neck to ensure that if there should be any water left then it can drain away easily.

Store clean and dry indoors away from heat and direct sunlight

Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry over hot radiators or near excessive heat.