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Transpire Fleece Short Sleeve Top

Unisex style, ideal for all water/land sports.
Available with or without front vent zip.

Reed Transpire fleece garments are designed to be worn as a base layer next to the skin and will outperform all others, even in extreme climates, on expedition, in sport or for leisure.

  • Ultra warm - Ultra comfortable - Ultra dry & wicking
  • The fastest moisture-wicking fleece fabric available -
  • keeping you warm when it’s cold and dry if you get too warm
  • High warmth to weight ratio & advanced yarn technology
  • Super stretchy for exceptional comfort & fit
  • Soft brushed fleece worn against the skin
  • Smooth slip knit outer surface helps make dressing easier
  • Ideal as a baselayer or as part of a thermal layering system
  • Scotchguard & antibacterial-coated yarns maximise wicking properties & maintain freshness

Fleece Top Sizes


Small 29-34’’ (74-86cm)

Medium 34-39’’ (86-99cm)

Large 39-44’’ (99-112cm)

X-Large 44-50’’ (112-127cm)

XX-Large 47-55’’ (119-140cm)


Small 24-30’’ (61-76cm)

Medium 34-39’’ (69-91cm)

Large 33-42’’ (84-107cm)

X-Large 36-45’’ (91-115cm)

XX-Large 42-50’’ (107-127cm)

Transpire fleeces should be worn skin tight (fabric in contact with the skin at all points to maximise sweat wicking potential).

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