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Deck Details

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Product Details

Aquatherm Dry Cag fitted to an Aquatherm deck.

A more streamlined set up, reduces the extra layers when using a cag + waist seal + spray deck.
Tough, non-latex, non splitting cuff and neck seals.
Comes with grab loop. Incredibly lightweight and durable.


Cag sizes

Chest                                                              Waist    

Small             30-35’’(76-89cm)                     Small           20-30’’ (51-76cm)

Medium         35-40’’ (89-102cm)                  Medium       25-35’’ (63-89cm)

Large             40-45’’ (102-114cm)                Large           30-40’’ (76-102cm)

X-Large         45-50’’ (114-127cm)                X-Large       35-45’’ (89-114cm)

XX-Large      50-55’’ (127-140cm)                 XX-Large    40-50’’ (102-127cm)

Aquatherm® Single Seal Neck and Cuff System

Our neck and cuffs are made from a double layer of Aquatherm, with a velcro adjuster at the back.

This neck seal offers the option to have a looser, comfortable semi dry seal for general purpose paddling conditions.  

The rear adjuster strap can be easily tightened to create a more watertight seal.

After Care

For Aquatherm® and Aquatherm Fleece®

Recommend hand washing with warm soapy water.

Turn garment inside out. Short, warm, delicate wash, max 40 degrees in mild soapy water, (not detergent). Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Do not spin. Do not wring.

Hang garments from their cuffs and neck to ensure that if there should be any water left then it can drain away easily.

Store clean and dry indoors away from heat and direct sunlight

Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry over hot radiators or near excessive heat.