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Requires 2 part adhesive for fitting.

All replacement latex neck seals have grooves or rings around the neck edge. These are used as a guide when trimming the seal to the correct size. Firstly, try on the untrimmed seal and decide whether or not it actually needs trimming. If you do decide to trim the seal use the rings as a guide. Using a sharp pair of scissors, start the cut at an angle to the first ring and trim as neatly as possible. Only cut one ring at a time, then re-check the size. It is surprising how much difference a small amount taken off will make.

What size to order ?:

X/Small = up to 33cm

Small = 34 - 37.5cm

M/Std = 38 - 43cm

X/Large = 44.5cm+

Keep all latex seals out of direct sunlight and any sources of ozone eg car fumes. Wash in clean water after use and dry before storing. Regular application of Seal Saver™ preserves and maintains latex and neoprene seals while inhibiting oxidation and deterioration.